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100% electric & zero co2 emission: Pick & carry crane with a capacity to 40 tons

Our company has more than 50 years of experience and expertise in specialized transport and industrial movements. With a team of motivated and professional drivers, we are a qualitative and reliable partner for companies in industry, construction and maintenance.

Place or move machines in your factory or company?

Lifting, placing or relocating your machine professionally during maintenance work.

Fully electric pick & carry crane (40 tons)

With our ORMIG 40iE Pick & Carry crane with a capacity of 40 tons, we are even better able to carry out industrial movements.

This fully electric crane has been specially purchased to provide for the placement and movement of machines and structures within industrial and factory halls without CO2 emissions. In addition, the machine is extremely suitable for use during maintenance work where hoisting work is required.

This pick & carry crane can lift and maneuver combined. The machine is extremely manoeuvrable and has limited dimensions, making it extremely suitable for working in locations where space or height is limited. Operation is possible from the cab as radio-controlled, so we have and keep the best view of the work depending on the situation.

We are proud of this investment. In addition to our range of truck-mounted cranes, it enables us to specialize even further in the field of industrial removals and instrial movements.

Advantages of this
pick & carry crane


Compact and manoeuvrable

With a minimum height of 2.30 meters and a width of 2.20 meters combined with a short turning circle, the crane is manoeuvrable and able to maneuver in tight spaces, both from the cabin and radiographically.


100% electric without CO2 emissions

The pick and carry crane is 100% electric. This allows us to perform hoisting work without CO2 emissions. This is more pleasant & safer for both employees and the production process in buildings, factories and workshops.



The crane is powerful and has a capacity of up to 40 tons. Due to the modular construction of ballast elements, it is possible to operate the machine with lighter hoists as a 20-ton or 30-ton version, which reduces the total weight.



The pick and carry crane is fully equipped with various options, including a winch, a JIB and a fork carriage (with which we can lift from below, like a forklift). With this equipment we can perform almost any lifting job on location.

Your lifting job or machine (re)placing carried out quickly, professionally and safely.

You can see that in our approach.


“There are cases where a pick & carry crane is a faster, more effective and cheaper alternative, compared to a telescopic crane.”

Harm Aarnoutse, director/owner Aarnoutse Transport 

Lifting table ORMIG 40iE:

Full implementation and coordination of industrial movements

Aarnoutse Transport ensures an expert and professional implementation of your industrial movements, which we carry out with our electric pick & carry crane (indoor) or one of our truck-mounted cranes. Of course always matching your wishes, situation and needs.

In addition, if desired, we provide the entire coordination for industrial movements. This means, from applying for the necessary permits up to and including the completion when everything has been placed in the right place. With our team of experienced and qualified employees and the right materials and tools, we completely relieve the customer in this regard.

Safety and certification

Safety comes first at Aarnoutse Transport. All our activities are carried out with the highest degree of safety, to which we are constantly alert.

Both our pick & carry crane and all trucks with truck-mounted cranes have the necessary lifting equipment that meets all legal guidelines. Our drivers and employees who carry out lifting activities are all in possession of the (Dutch) Supervision Certificate Vertical Transport (TCVT) diploma. In addition, all employees employed by Aarnoutse Transport are in possession of a valid VCA (Safety, Health and Environment) certification.

Why clients choose Aarnoutse?



We do our utmost to fulfill our agreements. We do what we say, say what we do and we inform our customers in a timely and correct manner.



Solution oriented

We always look for the most suitable solution for our customers and their (internal) transport challenges, we don’t easily say ‘no’ to a logistics challenge.



Safety is paramount in our work. Our materials, employees and processes comply with all necessary certifications and permits.



We continuously invest in our employees, fleet and machines. This enables us to deliver quality at a high level.

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